Passion for Freedom Exhibition


I got selected for the Passion for Freedom exhibition in London at The Embassy Tea Gallery. It is all very exciting. I am doing a performance on the opening night Saturday 8th November where I will be persuading volunteers to be strapped into the chair and fed Angel Delight. There are a few people who will be helping me with this as it will be a busy event. Last year they had 1000 people come to the private view. It is great to be able to exhibit the chair again. I made it at the very end of the degree and so did not get to explore its full potential as a performance object. For me it is very important that the piece is interactive. It is designed and built to be used and experienced. When we were putting it together the technicians were impressed with how it has been designed. We strapped the curator into the chair and I had to keep the others from tickling her. As I was leaving one of the children of the team had climbed up to sit on in the chair. It’s great that as an object it appeals to all ages.

The exhibition is at The Embassy Tea Gallery from 5th till 15th November from 12.30 till 6.30pm. The nearest station is Southwark the address is 195-205 Union Street. You need to push the buzzer for the gallery and they will let you in.

A link to the website is here.

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