My Art Practice

I see myself as a creative enabler, I work to encourage and support others to reconnect with their innate creativity, ability to play and experiment. My own art practice is part of my journey back to being in creative flow. I achieved a 2:1 in a Fine Art at UWE and have a passion for adult learning.

I used my degree to think through how art can be a tool for social, personal and spiritual change. My arts practice is conceptually based and comes from topics and subjects that obsess and haunt me. There is a substantial design element to my practice and a sense of poetry, using art to articulate my thinking. I like to create immersive art, which is emotionally and mentally engaging. I had two degree show pieces one was a flat pack force-feeding chair, which I had designed on Rhino and constructed out of birch plywood, for the other I painted an entire corridor leading to the fire escape with huge doodles.

At university I was particularly interested in Foucault’s ideas on the body being the site at which power is enacted. I am fascinated by how we are controlled by structures around us e.g. family dynamics, gender expectations, political and cultural systems. How the personal is political. I am also exploring paths to transcending personal struggle through connecting to play, creativity and following spiritual practice. I am pulled to shamanic traditions and wrote an essay on the artist as shaman on my degree.

I found university hard, I really struggled with the course and left feeling there must be a more inspiring, enabling way of learning to be an artist. Bristol Art For All is my main project since graduating. It explores how to create an art school, which anyone can access. A place with no judgement, marking or assessment, people just follow their creativity.

I see myself on the socially engaged, social justice spectrum of art practice. I am trying to create a service, which no one else is offering and engage people who are falling through the cracks created by the current strain on public resources. It brings together my lived experience of peer support and the power of creative communities as environments where people can find a stronger footing from which to move forward in their lives.

Since graduating from UWE I have undertaken many adult education courses across philosophy, spirituality, health, education and art. I have been investing in learning technical and practical skills. I completed the Year in Print course at Spike Print and am I currently learning oil painting through Bristol Adult Learning. I am enjoying getting back to making, to live the intention that process is paramount and rebuilding a flow and lightness to my creative practice.

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